Listing of AFVN cd's in the set at this time.

AFVN-Radio CD-r Program's Info--What they are-a "Super" Collection-
AFVN-Radio CD-r show's from tape's now onto CD-r's: 

106 + HOUR'S on.. 111 CD-R's
 Largest Collection anywhere 1965, & 1968 thru 1973... 

       Buyer's: 106+ HOUR'S on.. 111 CD-R's (Get the entire set, or buy in 25 Cd partial set's)

                       More on the AFVN Radio Program CD's....                             

CD#1, #2,#3...AFVN-Saigon, several segment's, as well as full program's,
new's, announcement's, jingle's and lot's of music...and approximately a
dozen DJ's and segment's...very good show's, from 1968 - thru 1973

CD#4 is AFVN-Pleiku..while not as "Big Time" as Saigon, a fair
program... no date...

CD#5 is the AFVN "Blooper's" CD Some funny stuff. but be advised that
the air force captain segment contains rough language on this part...not
for children or for public playing at event's or reunion's...

CD#6 is AFVN-Saigon, 1972-73,.a most unusual show and you will enjoy it.

CD#7 is AFVN-Saigon, the 4th of July 1970 show part of the top 300's also a good show...

CD#8 is AFVN-Da Nang emergency stand-by program. The Da Nang program was
put on and the DJ's let the tape play when the rocket's came
live DJ's on this CD, but has some jingle's, as well as plenty of full
music song's...

CD#9 is originally from an LP record, Saigon segment's with full

CD#10 is AFVN-Saigon, the "Orient Express" show with Spec. Paul
Bottom's, a very good program.

CD#11 is AFVN-Saigon, more of the Orient Express show, and the 1st hour
of the "Town & Country" show. very good country show you will enjoy with
Sgt Don Cottrell......

CD#12 is the 2nd hour of the "Town & Country" show....

CD#13 "AFVN-Saigon, "Moog" show from 1973. Navy
Journalist Ken Couch. Some Far out music here, not the normal stuff

CD#14 is Sp Pat Sajak, yes its the same person on Wheel of Fortune = from 1968, "Dawn buster" morning show, and later at end of CD is Rick Bender from 1-19-69, the "Golden Sound's" from FM
side at AFVN-Saigon...

CD#15 is AFVN-Saigon Radio, Billy Williams and the "Orient Express"
show...enjoyable program from 1971.

CD#16 is AFVN-Nha-Trang FM Radio, also serving Cam Rahn Bay as's a lot of segment's intro's, and is not a full music programs
CD...but interesting.

CD#17 is a "Special" AFVN-Saigon New's only program. SP5 Bob Lawrence,
and the interview with him, after he made the new's himself around the
world. He charged that AFVN was "Censored" in it's new's story's by he reported this on the AFVN TV 11 o'clock news. This indeed
got him into trouble with MACV headquarters'. Telling it "Like it is".

CD#18 is part one of the "6th Annual Constant Countdown" show from
AFVN-Saigon..3 and a half hour's on this as well as on

CD#19, and CD#20...start's out with #99 and goes back to #1 song from
Saigon. Better know as the "Top 100"...It's from New Year's eve, 1969...
The DJ's did not play all of the song's. but it's a lot...3 and a half
hour's worth. Has 5 various Saigon DJ's and is "Full" program...These 3
CD's are "Super" nice..

CD#21, AFVN-Saigon, the "Go" show with Specialist Don L."Scotty" Brink from 1968. a very good program of pop and rock music.

CD#22 and CD#23, from 1970...AFVN-Nha Trang FM and the "Brother John"
show, well over 2 hour's on these two CD's. Has a lot of music and full
program's on each of these.

CD#24, AFVN-Saigon's "Halloween" program with
Navy Journalist Ken Couch. This radio show has a lot of sound effect's,
and monster song's, it's a most unusual show from the Big VN for sure,
1972. It also has a reading of "The Raven".

CD#25, #26, #27 & #28 is the "Top 100" countdown show from AFVN-Saigon.
top DJ's...from Dec 31st 1968...some song's are skipped by the
DJ's...but this show is a about 4 hour's. has some great pop and rock n
roll here...

 CD#29 is AFVN-Saigon, Dawn buster morning show with Sp Pat
Sajak and Panorama show with Tony Lyons. (date is 1968)

CD-R #30 is more of the Dawn buster show from program #29, and
AFVN-Saigon's "Sgt Pepper" show from 1970

CD#31 & #32 is AFVN-Saigon FM, the "Golden Sounds", and "The Young
Sounds", from Jan 19th, 1969. PFC Mike Heller & Sp Rick Edmon, Sp
Rick Bender, also with news, easy & middle of the road music here, and "Full"

CD#33 is AFVN-Saigon, "Air check", the "Final" show from Sp Dick
Vandermyde and "Vietnam Night beat", scoped, not full song's, but has
song's intro and closings, & good announcement's and jingle's as well as
great comment's from Dick. At the end is also a short segment with
"Your Brother", AFVN-Da Nang from the summer of 1969.

CD#34, thru CD#44...All "Country Road's" show with Air Force Sgt
Chuck Lansford, Feb, Mar, Apr 1973.... apprx 10 hour's C&W show....

CD#45, "Vietnam Night beat", from Saigon, Spec Jim Huntley, ("Jumpin"
Jim Huntley), a full show of pop-rock, a great show, Run's about an

CD#46, Chris Noel, a date with Chris, heard during the war just
under an hour, a full show, dedication's, and pop-rock song's with
Chris. (quality is lower on this Chris Cd)

CD#47 thru CD-r#52...More of "Country Roads" show from
AFVN-Saigon, and Air Force Sgt Chuck Lansford. full show's, and about 6

CD#53 is a 2nd show of Chris Noel, a "Date with Chris", full
show from 1969..more pop-rock and dedication's with Chris. It's a great
show. (quality is lower on this Chris CD)

CD#54 AFVN-Pleiku, Spec. Jackson Crawford, late 1969. Pop-rock show,
full show and news. runs 57 Min.

CD#55 A short AFVN DaNang Radio Show Only 16 minute's 1969

CD#56 & #57 AFVN-Saigon "Panorama" show, Top 30 to song 3, does not go
to song #2 or #1 as the tape ran out.. But still a great show with Scott
Manning 1968 

CD#58 & #59 Chris Noel "Hi Love, this is Chris Noel" a Date with Chris 1969 (lower quality)

CD#60, 61, 62 & $63 A "Date with Chris", Hi Love, This is Chris Noel More dedication's and super music. Approximately 1969..These 4 program's are outstanding, & quality on these 4 CD-r's are

CD# 64 is from reel to reel tape from 1970, "Orient Express", spec.
Jim Amross, full pop-rock show. This from Jim's personal reel to reel
tape recorded from the AFVN-Saigon studio, now transferred to CD-r...

CD# 65...Truly a rare piece of history...from reel to reel, the
"Oldest" show in this collection. Armed Forces Radio Saigon...Jan 15 &
16, 1965..various show intro's, jingle's, news intro's, music intro's, & "Air check", not full show's....but does have one complete
newscast...This was before AFVN was named AFVN...

CD# 66 thru CD# 72...More of Chris Noel, late 60's, "A Date with
Chris". more great songs and dedications with Chris. "Great" quality on these show's. full
pop-rock, & easy, soulful songs..

CD# 73 thru CD# 75 AFVN top 300 countdown July 4, 1970

CD# 76 is "The Happening" show, with Sgt Bob Anderson...pop, rock, soul=
full show, full songs. from 3 April 1970

CD# 77 is Sgt Pepper.."Free Radio show"...unknown date....full show,
full songs. rock, "Heavy" acid type rock n roll

CD# 78....AFVN-Da Nang FM, easy music from specific month or
day..."Just Added" AFVN Radio show's: 

CD# 79 & # 80: AFVN NhaTrang...Brother John, pop-rock shows. (re-mastered),from tapes to Cd's...Full song show's. No date known. Very enjoyable show's. This also was broadcast thru-out Vietnam on AFVN station's. Nam vet's heard these.

CD# 81 thru # 99 are from reel to reel tape's, from the AFVN-Saigon 50K
AM station..."Free Radio show" with Sgt
rock...many song's not heard, many long songs and artist's
featured...Some Cd #'s have AFVN new's....all are from 1969 and 1970.
Some show's do have line noise & pop's as usual with AM radio
broadcast's. These are good as Sgt Pepper rated at #3 on the top AFVN
local show's during the war years. Also just added from reel to reel
tape's, to Cd....AFVN-Saigon 

CD# 100...Start's out with a very long new's & sport's cast. almost 30 minutes...then it is Specialist Jim
Amross & the "Solid Gold" Sunday show, from Saigon, 21 June 1970...very good pop-rock show...go's for the next 30 minute's. This is one of my favorite show's. 

CD #101...some local for appx 5 minute's...then...The "Pop Chronicle's"
show that aired on all AFVN station's...featuring various artist's,
song's, and their own comment's....from stateside radio

.CD #102: AFVN-Saigon "Young Sounds",
pop-rock, from stateside show, aired on afvn, with local newscast, 4 Dec

 CD #103:  AFVN-Saigon pop-rock show with army spec Les Howard
Jacoby. Full show aired on 4 Dec 1970.  

CD #104: "USO Showtime" with Millie from Saigon USO club, pop song's & dedication's. aired on 4 Dec

CD #105:  AFVN-Saigon, also on 4 Dec 1970..."Million Dollar Music"
pop-rock full show.. Very good show. 

Now the last is

CD #106: AFVN-Saigon "Solid Gold"
show,  unknown DJ, a 1971 & 72 countdown show, it aired in 1972. That's
the just added AFVN show Cd's...Prices stay the same, no increase.

AFVN CD # 107 & CD # 108:  Master Sergeant Raul Rodriguez, AFVN-Saigon, "Espanolandia" (Latino) show,
1969. This is a full show, DJ Raul with spanish speaking intro's, and
dedications, Latino song's, with AFVN announcement's & Jingle's in
English. This show was for the Latin-American troop's serving during the
Vietnam war within the US military Great show,"Auh La # 1" Primo. ! #
107 is 53 minutes, # 108 is 59 minutes.     

 AFVN CD #109:  MSG Raul Rodriguez's AFVN-Saigon "Audition" aircheck...It's very
enjoyable..."Yes", he got the job and ended up serving 2 tour's in
Vietnam with his "Espanolandia" radio show. 16 min.     

 AFVN CD # 110 & CD # 111:  Army First Sergeant Juan R. Flores, "Espanolandia" (Latino)
radio show, 1970 time frame. Is a full show, DJ Flores intro's song's in
Spanish......with AFVN announcements & Jingles in English. This show
from Saigon was for the Latino-American troops serving within the US
military.  A good pair of show's, "Oh Lay" from the Big VN...CD # 110 is
58 mnutes, & CD # 111 is 53 minutes. 

 These last 5 AFVN show Cd's are all from original reel to reel tape's, now transferred to Cds. (that's
the total of # 1 thru # 111 Cd's)

That's the 111 AFVN Cd's, and well over 100 hour's of the
Big VN...AFVN Radio, the "American Forces Vietnam Network
That's the list of 111 CD's. While they are not perfect, they are very
good show's....Quality is well "above average" on most all...and I am sure you will enjoy them
well as the
"Free" bonus CD's...of or about Vietnam....surprise bonus, every order.
NOTE: While they may play on a computer, it's advised you use a stereo
CD player system, or even a portable, with good speaker's, for the best
sound quality possible.. with these CD's..100% satisfaction.. I
am happy only when you are happy...Any future mal-function on any
CD. even if you mess it up and it's your fault...not to worry, just
e-mail me for replacement this case, all you will pay is
shipping only....

This is good as long as I am alive & healthy.
The huge set of 111 Cd's can be purchased at $289.95 plus $15.00
priority shipping in the USA.
..Outside the USA, e-mail me....

You can also buy these in partial set "section's" 25 Cd section's....CD # 1
thru 25...CD # 26 thru # 50.....# 51 thru # 75...# 76 thru # 101...each
25 sub-set priced at $72.00, plus $8.60 Priority mail shipping....a
total of $80.60....This all equal's at appx $2.75 per Cd when buying the
entire set or any 25 Cd partial set package....If buying just a few, one,
two, or several...the price per Cd is $6.00 each, plus shipping to be
determined......I can normally ship up to 8 Cd's for $4.55 Priority
shipping...If using Paypal, change the ship from $15.00... to the
correct shipping for smaller amount's of Cd's ordered....Outside the
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Paypal...Thanks for your consideration. After my cost for supply's, part
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used for each Cd ordered...not plastic jewel's...each Cd will be numbered
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used...."The Hit's just keep on coming".... (Some AFVN show's are also
available on the MP3 Cd format...

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